About my blog

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog pages. I think I must clarify what this blog address intends to do. Every fortnight or so, a blog focusing on a specific aspect will be published. As a citizen of India, I will obviously tend to write on matters relating to Indian society, the Indian economy and the Indian polity. The aim is to be constructive: criticism alone will get us nowhere. For this reason, there will be no mention of any specific personality, the spotlight being on issues. Readers are welcome to comment and criticize; it is through debate that a democracy moves towards resolution of issues, however slow and halting the process.

Happy reading!!


16 Responses to About my blog

  1. I think the world should know that you retired from the IAS after making a tremendous impact on reducing malnutrition in Maharashtra, for which the blessings of countless mothers will always be with you

  2. vramani says:

    Good. Hope to see articles from you.

  3. V.P.Raja says:

    I have been regularly reading your Articles in your Blog. All well written and raising issues which are important.

  4. Rajeev says:

    Some brilliant articles here. Deserve wider propagation.

  5. R.Ravichandran says:

    You are visible siddhar

  6. prashanth says:

    This is my first time ,I had never ever read a blog, but after reading ,it sure has done a greater impact on my thinking .And your idea’s are turely good .kindly please keep writing blogs

  7. prachur says:

    Please add a subscribe button to your blog so that we can get updates.

  8. Jared Sousa says:

    I have actually been trying to reach you after reading one of your articles (the one about gold plating in the petroleum industry). Couldn’t find a contact e-mail! But happy to have found this.

    I am compiling a research report on novel and not-well-known uses of gold plating in industries like petroleum (which I am making a point to focus on) It all started with trying to research gold plated Inconel. Even with Google, finding information was extremely hard, whereas other type products usually have a wealth of online info.

    I known platers do gold plating for the petroleum industry because I spoke to several. So i knew it actually was real (and not an obscure precious metal myth!)

    Would I be able to email or contact you in some way to ask a few questions? you seem to have the expertise i have been looking for. Every engineer and scientific-oriented professional was stumped (so far), so even the most little detail or nuance could be useful or direct me on the right path,

    I am in America, if that matters

    Thanks for reading,

    Jared B Sousa

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